Friday, 8 February 2013

Green Screen Video Shoot for "Hater"

Most of my Video were shot outdoors - I love that - it adds variety.

Check them out right here !!

However this time I wanted to have something different for my Video "Hater" and that's why I have decided to have a greeen screen shoot. I thought it would give me a different look and more creative options when editing it.

I was actually inspired by Michael Jacksons This it it .
Man this man was a genius. When I was a little girl I always prayed to God that Michael would not get any older, so that I can get married to him . Ain't I sweet?

Anyway, so when I watched This is it - I remembered liking that one scene when Michael has got 6 dancers and edits them on the green screen to duplicate them up.
That inspired me to do the same for my video.

I met up with a media student who then explained to me how such a shoot works.
Well first of all - if you have a green screen you can not wear the colour green and also to not have frizzy hair otherwise its not going to look good when adding a background pic to it.

One thing that is very important to me though is that it doesn't look too fake. So not like this movie right here

Hope to find an Editor real soon. If you know someone who edits Green Screen Videos really well then send me an email with previous work.

Thank you

Have a great Week


Interviewing Green Screen Editor's for "Hater"

Oh wow! Life is going so well at the moment.
I am not gonna lie - I love to sleep and that's what I do everyday till 9am - or 10am and sometimes even longer.
But once I am awake - I am like fire. LOL

This week I had a chance to interview some really talented Video Editors as I needed one for my Video "Hater".

Seriously - just by interviewing those young fellas I felt as if I was learning so much. Every one had different ideas and story boards.

I was very impressed!

Most of them were great - and since I am a friendly employer I couldn't reject anyone and made sure that everyone has got a part to do within this project.

Therefore I decided that one works on the storyboard, the other one with the green screen footage and the other one would look after the grading and graphics. That way I can get everyone involved.

I also decided to create a background myself, ....but you have to be patient to see that one.

Anyways ...Have a good week


Lidiaana knows how to cook - Finally!!!

I am not gonna lie!!!!

I have been always telling friends, partners and my family - that I can't cook.

An amazing Music Producer and a really good friend of mine, Legitimo always told me that cooking is like composing music or painting a picture - mix the ingredients et voila.

I do both, I make music and I paint, but cooking - eh no!

(I cook for myself simple and healthy stuff - in case you are thinking that I get ONLY Take Aways)

My mom always said that education is the most important thing and that everything else such as cooking, I will have time for to learn when I am in a relationship or when starting to build a family.

Don't get me wrong I am not lazy - I just don't like the thought of being in the kitchen for hours!

Anyway how do they say it? - New Year! New You! New Mindset!

This year I wanna do things that I didn't do before - you know a bit more brave than usually - e.g Bungee jumping, camping and cooking lol.

Well, this is why I have arranged a little get together to meet my friends and to cook for them.
This made me realise that I can actually cook. So I figured, that I probably always had the talent (well thats exagerated) but that I was too scared to share it with anyone, with the fear that they expect me to always do it. I know this must sound crazy to you.

To be quite honest - I was really excited. Does anyone know the show "Come dine with me" or the german version "Das Perfekte Dinner" - well the whole week I tried to imagine myself being on that TV Show (Stop laughing!).
So I did the whole cleaning, organised it all - spoke to myself when buying the food imagining that there is a camera team.

My Family couldn't believe it - They were so proud.

In the end I really enjoyed being in the kitchen and I learned that I don't need to be scared of spending too much time there!

Thanks for checking out my blog

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Lidiaana xx

Finishing off my Album,....

Ufff this week has been crazy!!!

I am currently trying to finish off my album. No it's not a completely new album - I am only 

adding 5 - 7 tracks to my existing EP ( ) .

I just realised that it is time for my debut album - You know - I feel ready!

Apart from that I do love my physical products - if you know what I mean.

If you have been following my career you know that this is going to be my third CD.

Getting the first half of my album done was crazy. I could have saved so much time and money working with the right people from the very beginning.
I guess you are always smarter in the end.

Now I have luckily found a great team who are talented and reliable. Therefore I know that the process of finishing the rest of the album is going to be an easier one.

With all the amazing beats ( including beats by Overnitte, Daniel Farell and Wata) I have recently received from collaborators and producers, I can see it all coming together much faster. The writing and recording process is usually the most time consuming bit in the whole process but this time I have given myself a time limit, which is this month POW!

Some of the beats I have received a couple of months ago - but I kind of wanted to focus first on the other tracks.

Anyways, I am just writing this to let you know that the debut album is coming, as well a Launch party in April yaaaaayyy.

Make sure you come down hoping to get all my inspiration by this month.

Stay In touch ;-) .... @lidiaanamusic

Saving Face - the Documentary

I know we learn something every single day - but what I learned yesterday was just too much to take in.

I went to a screening at the Old Cinema at the University of Westminster to watch "Saving Face". They have been even awarded for the Best Documentary in 2012 with the Academy Award.

Wow !! By far one of the best and most touching documentaries I have ever seen.

This documentary is about Acid Violence against Women due to cultural and structural inequalities from Pakistani men.

Here is the trailer

The Doctor you saw in the trailer is London-based Pakistani plastic surgeon , Dr. Mohammad Jawad. He was as well at the screening as well as the Director of Asti (acid survivors trust international) Jaf Shah. They answered our questions and informed us on how they are helping the victims.

Hearing about this matter and watching this documentary made me angry and sad at the same time and somehow happy because I can see that the victims have become survivors and that they have learned to deal with their faces. I am not a naive person - I mean I am aware that terrible things happen all around the world but its just doesn't go into my head how someone can deliberately throw acid into someone's face - and for a simple reason such as not wanting to get married or similar. That is really deep.

I cried and I would cry again and again - as it makes me so angry! We live in a world with far too many problems already. Why create more of them?

Well some problems are more serious then others but I guess that it all depends from the persons perspective. Dr. Mohammed Jawad made everyone aware that it is really important to make use of our skills. He did, and had the idea to help his people in pakistan who were going through terrible suffering.

When researching this delicate topic I was also reading about Katie Piper's Story.
Even though this movie was more focused on Pakistan the sad truth is that it happens everywhere. Do you remember Katie Piper's story?

Ignorance holds people back from making things better! So stop ignoring and raise awareness and hopefully that way we can make this world a better place.

Much love,


Sunday, 3 February 2013

Lidiaana "How Often" is coming real soon,...

I can't wait to show my new Music Video , which I took in Tenerife (Spain) ---- 

Sooooooo Excited!!!!

Have a good week and much love,


Lidiaana on Spice Music Radio

Hi guys,

I hope you are all well. Hope your week was good.
I had a really hectic - but productive week.

Did you hear my new song on Spice Music Radio??
Well my cover of  Marvin Gaye "I heard it through the Grapevine" was played on Thursday.

Big Fat Shout out to DJ Flex - Make sure you check out his Show
It's every Thursday from 4pm -6pm

Thanks to everyone who listened to it and a special thanks to @Diamantdreams and @AndreaMastroddi , Ella and Samuel Mekonnen who were by my side when the song got played.

Much Love,