Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Lidiaana on iTunes

Hi guys,

This is to let you know that MY DEBUT ALBUM 'HOW OFTEN' is now on iTUNES

Check it out!!!

Much love,....Lidi xx

I need dancing shoes !!!!!

Dancing and singing in high heels is hard!!!

It looks effortless when you see Beyonce doing it - but hey, I tried it and I couldn't move my legs the day after. This is why I started rehearsing with my really comfortable high heels and it gets better and better.
My girls, the Afro - Lidiettes brought their high heels as well to the last rehearsal and it felt so good doing it together.
It makes me feel more female as well - apart from that it looks much better when you are wearing a dress.

The high heels I have chosen to use for my Launch party are not the nicest ones but there is always a way to make them look more fancy by adding glittery stuff to it.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Song, Spirit & Soul : I present to you a beautiful songstress who goes by the name of Lidiaana!

My dear friend Ekeisha Edet wrote a beautiful blog about me.
please read here


SONG Post: Artist Alert

Hey Guys!

I present to you a beautiful songstress who goes by the name of Lidiaana!

Signed to independent label Segenita Records, Lidiaana is asinger/songwriter/producer, the sounds are awesome influence from R&B, Funk, & Pop.

Three months ago Lidiaana released her E.P 'How Often', and guess what it is a FREE download. Yes, free! The E.P , 'How Often' is made up of 7 tracks:

1)I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Acapella)
2)How Often feat. Idris Jones
3)Miss You
4)Do You feat. Helgi and Herda Vim
5)Moments feat. Timba
6)Hater feat. Definition and Kay Martay

I myself have had a good listen and you can really feel the passion in each and every track. My personal favourite being 'How Often' makes you think of summer, and is a great song for all the independent females out there; I know you can all relate. And of course 'Do You' is a close second !

Make sure you download the E.P, and show Lidiaana some love!

I shall leave the links below to her Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as her video for the track 'How Often'.

Listen to the EP here:

Much love, xx

Lidiaana: CD NUMERO 4 IS OUT!!!!


Have a listen, rate and share it with your friends ;-)

Click here: LidiaanaiTunes

Thank you

Much Love, Lidiaana xxx

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Lidiaana's Exclusive "How Often" Album Launch Party

Segenita Records proudly present


Album Launch Party!

28th of April

Join Award Winning Songstress and music label entrepreneur Lidiaana for the launch of debut album 'How Often' and Entertainment Company the 'Segenita Group'

A night of soulful multi cultural sounds, upbeat music and cool neo-soul rhythms, Lidiaana will be joined by the Afro - Lidiettes, Live Band, 

Mr. Mackie, JVocals4v and DJ R3dd.

This will be a night to Remember.

Free Entrance until 8pm - after that £3 (goes to charity)

20% of album proceeds go to children's charity the "Lidiaana Foundation"


Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen

2-4 Hoxton Square
Greater London N1 6NU
020 7613 0709