Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Monday, 23 December 2013

Noah's Lullaby....coming soon

Hello my lovelies,

My video for my nephew Noah is coming out this week. 
                                    I am super excited to present it to you!!!

Here's the song https://soundcloud.com/lidiaana/noahs-lullaby

Lidiaana xxx

Lidiaana & the Afro - Lidiettes at GR8NIGHTS

Life is so good sometimes. For over 2 weeks I was super sick. Flu and cough and the rest. Subsequently I wasn't able to use my voice. 

I literally prayed for days and took all sorts of medication in order to perform at Arch 635 at the GR8NIGHTS X-Mas Show. Luckily I still managed to sound good on stage...I guess it's the excitement and the fact that you are on stage with your sistaaaaas.

As usual we had fun and the audience had fun. See you at the next show!!!!

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@Lidiaamamusic xxx

Lidiaana: ..... Finally Graduated ;-)

hey my lovelies,

Some of you might know that I am done with Uni ...wohoooo. Even though I am so glad that I am done, I miss it at the same time. 
I miss the long nights in the library, the 10-hour studio sessions, connecting with fellow creative people etc.

I had a great time at my graduation ceremony and party though. Here are some pix.

Lidiaana & the Afro - Lidiettes at John Lewis' X-Mas Party

Just a couple of weeks ago , me and my girls had the opportunity to perform at 
John lewis'/ Peter Jones' X-Mas Party
at the super posh Hotel Rafayel.

We had such a good time. The audience was absolutely crazyyyyyy.

Massive thanks to SKP Entertainment

Lidiaana xxx