Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Lidiaana Foundation

Last year I had the opportunity to create my own first charity, which is called "The Lidiaana Foundation".

There were loads of different reasons for launching this project, mainly because I was annoyed at the amount of charities that are out there who don't show where their donations are going - some big charities make a lot of money and profit from donations for the people running that actual company. How much of the money actually gets to the people who need it - you just don't know and there's no way of finding out.

For example did I find it confusing that about 10 people stand around in corners in London and promote a charity as 'fundraisers'. Wow!! Coming from a small town in Germany  I wasn't used to that at all and thought it was great. Well, when I was looking for a job myself in 2007 I got offered to do one of those jobs. Seriously when I found out that they get £10 an hour I was on it. 

At the same time I was confused, because I didn't understand how you would spend roughly £700 on a team when you are asking me for £2 a month for your charity. I understand that we all need to work in order to survive but seriously £10 an hour? It just didn't match up.
Anyways, I am generally someone who doesn't complain about things that do not involve me. Also I got another job anyway ....

So this fact inspired me to be a woman of her word and I created my charity.

I always loved helping and I love working with and around children. So I went Eritrea and I took a couple of stationary items such as pencils, pads, rubbers ... You know essential school stuff.

 There were various groups but in the end I decided that I didn't want to donate it all to people that I haven't seen. Don't get me wrong this is not because I wanted to be thanked for or adored or whatsoever, but I just wanted to honestly  give it to someone and see their reaction.

So I went to my home country and asked around who I could give the items to?

So in the end I decided on something spontaneous. So just after recording   Adey , I left the recording studio and felt so inspired. The hook of the song was still on my mind snd while I was walking to my grandfather's house I saw a crowd of children celebrating the independence day of Eritrea and playing games on the road.  Before entering my grand father's house I asked my cousin to get me my big bag which contained the stationary items I mentioned before. While she was getting it I asked the children who could sing ... All of them started suddenly screaming and said "Me! Me! Me!"

I then asked the children to sing my song Adey... It made me cry as they sang it with such a passion. 

Luckily my cousin was able to record the happening. That way I was able to feature them in my video Adey. 

To me their smiles were a reward enough and after that I was able to donate a percentage of my music sales income toward Rediate's Fund amongst others.

We can all help. We can do something great everyday so don't hesitate to do it!

Much love, Lidiaana

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Lidiaana's last show in London for 2012

Hey Guys,

Come and join me this sunday. 

Hope to see you there

much love,


Lidiaana and her creative Team (Riinret Jewellery / Rahwa Design)

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well. This blog is dedicated to the some of the creative professionals I've been working with this year. 

First off - Jewellery Designer Riinret. 
I met her at uni and instantly fell in love with her

She is so beautiful and talented. When I saw her Jewellery for the first time I was blown away by her designs and instantly asked her to design some pieces for my photo shoot 
I had scheduled for March 2012.

 I used to look at other artists and feel down on myself because other independent artists had unique fashions and I had no idea how I could get that for myself. What I didn't know until now is that that is what networking is for!

After that I decided to network and work with jewellery designers, clothes designers, stylist and anyone who could help me out with a new look for 2012. I could stop being envious - I had reached my goal! I feel that envy is a helpful thing in getting ahead in creative or professional areas because it lets you know what you really want deep down. If you are envious of someone that means you should stop feeling sorry for yourself and fight to get what you want for yourself. It's inspiration!

Working with a lot of personal shoppers and fashion designers has taught me a lot about fashion. I've been able to give direct advice at the design drawing stage of an outfit, I've been able to be a lot more imaginative and 'out there' with my fashion and look. I've developed a more progressive fashion sense and style through working in a practical hands on way with all these talented people. For example shopping around for pieces, going to fashion shows, viewing other people's fashion portfolios, seeing the full process of a fashion design from concept to finished product. These have really helped me and my skills as a fashionista!

While we're on the subject of fashion, for the styling for my latest release Hater (release Jan/Feb 2013) I went shopping in Toronto, Canada as well as London, UK. Tina was my stylist in Toronto. She tracked down and put together the outfit for the first half of the video shoot, which included a Dolly Parton jacket, and the second look for the  shoot - a warrior princess, gold spiked number - was styled by London designer Rahwa. She was incredibly creative and worked under pressure really well. Nothing distracts her from her passion for fashion!

Fan her up on Facebook - Rahwa Designs

Much love,

Lidiaana xxxx

How do You network??

Good Question...

Hmmm I guess my networking skills changed a lot over the years.

It went from dreaming about being a singer to real life studying music and production as a profession, then being an aspiring music Producer to

I am a singer


But seriously now...

How do you network in this overloaded world of so much creative clutter. There's someone releasing a track every day and it's hard to get through the mediocre and the rubbish to what you are really looking for. Real talent takes a lot of time and effort to track down.

Well I guess there is no right or wrong. It really depends on where you are, what events you go to, what people you talk to. I prefer receiving a contact card or flyer and checking it out at home in my own time. I find it stressful to meet too many people face to face. It's a lot of pressure and you don't always know if they're telling the truth.

We live in a world were social media has become such a norm. Networking is a must for survival in the creative and media industries. So the question is - what's the best way to keep in touch? What's the best way to network. Good question I'm still working this out.

I personally like to hand out flyers and cards. People can check me out in their own time and so people can see my picture and have a link to my site - then they can see what I'm really about. It cuts through a lot of having to act like someone else to get attention. I want to get ahead as an artist but I still like being myself!

Thank you

Much love,


Lidiaana at the Ultimate Seminar...Nov 2012

Hi everyone,

How is everything going? I hope it's all good.

Last week, was a very productive week for me.

I am currently working on this really amazing Business Plan.

I love my proposal ,...I really do ;-) and I hope that I will find enough Sponsors to help me make my dream come true.
So, I have been basically calling loads of different organisations, sending out emails etc,....well , together with my PR Representative Sarah Rayner . She is fabulous!!!

Anyways, so it's quite exciting to be thinking like a business person at times, rather than "only" being creative.

All right I will get to the point - THE ULTIMATE SEMINARRRRRR

How was it? It was very informative. I met new people, had the chance to listen to many peoples' experiences and got some great advice.

This was my third time at this unique Event, but this time it was different. I remember going there in 2010 and 2011 and I was like -

OMG I feel so inspired !!!!! /// There's so much I need to start doing from now on .... /// From today on I am going to change this and that etc.

But this time - I felt a bit more accomplished. I have learned a lot and I believe the advice from people such as Wretch32, Delilah, Tim Blacksmith was brilliant. Through university, experience and networking I have gotten to the point were I understand what Lawyers, Journalists, Artists, Managers on the Panel, were talking about.

I feel that I have done many of the things they were talking about e.g. release a video, collaborate, release a CD, tour...things that I could only have dreamed about only a few years back.

This made me feel very good and I was able to see that my standards have raised over the last years. I'm more confident in myself as an artist and the things that used to be future aims are  happening right now! It makes me very excited.

I am looking forward to the next Ultimate Seminar.

Much love,


Monday, 3 December 2012

Calling out all Fashion Designers!!! Lidiaana needs YOU!!!

I am planning to shoot my music video next week and I am in need of something really amazing.
The song we are going to do the video for is called HATER ..

Listen here - Hater

I want to look like Xena - like a Warrior Princess

(hehehe ...)

Simply cause it fits with the lyrics

I am not your enemy
I am your hero
If you believe it or not
that's how the world rolls

The first part of the video was done in Toronto - Probably the funniest Video shoot ever!!!
Here is a pic of me together with the Tribe Toronto

My outfit was put together by Tina @ Exile Toronto and the Jacket used to belong to Dolly Partons.

Anyways, ......If you're interested then send me a link to your designs asap.

Hope to hear from you soon

Contact me via Email

mwah xxxxx