Monday, 18 March 2013

2nd performance - Lidiaana & the Afro Lidiettes (Gig @ Club Nollywood (InspireEvents) - 13/03/2013)

Oh wow !! Oh what a night !!

My girl @diamantdreams wrote a beautiful blog about our experience right here 


"Once again we graced the stage with our Afro-Urban and ’60s Girl power spunk with more audience energy and participation than we expected to receive.
This particular performance taught me how important it is to have a positive attitude and mind-set in any environment, because it will always be different. The way you adapt to the different situations as a performer will determine the kind of performance you will give and the response you will get from your audience.
It did take a while for us to warm up to the environment due to a few minor complications that discouraged us for a short while, but then we realised that performing meant everything to us and we should give 110% at every given opportunity, big or small.
The funny thing is, all the glitz and glamour and the actual performance itself was probably 5% of the hard work. It came from the quick-time rehearsals and planning, promotion and marketing, The outfits, getting to the venue on time (A fail on my part lol), making sure we're all on the same page and in the same building and so many other specifics that I won’t go into too much detail otherwise I’d have to write a book.
We literally went from using the ladies toilets as a make-shift changing room and last minute rehearsal room to removing extra tights in full view, whilst waiting for the train underground xD All this for that slice of excitement and connection that we know and love.
I felt that buzz and adrenalin rush that I always look forward to before a show and knowing that my girls were also feeling that same feeling with me and enjoying themselves with the crowd is priceless.
It’s all still a learning experience for me but now I know were on to bigger and better things ahead!"

It is very true, what Diamant described in this scenario. I mean seriously, I was under so much pressure on that day and I tried my very hardest to compose myself.

First of all I had to mix and cut the backing tracks, as we decided to not sing the full lenght of 4 songs but instead to give the audience a taster of the "Lidiette" sound. 
Then the weather  - it was at a low point on that day but in a way I didn't want to show it too much as I believe that positive thoughts are more helpful in situations like this .

So, I had to pull myself together and tell my ladies that I will leave my "diva" attitude aside and that we will do it no matter what.

Oh yeah, the adrenalin rush - That's  was the best part of the show. 
This time I had to concentrate on singing , on a choregraphy and on dancing with a young gentleman who spontaneously joined me on stage. That's when I thought! "Why didn't you workout girl?" As I soon realised that I was out of breath.

One of my new aims I have to achieve  - is to learn how to sing and dance at the same time - "Beyonce style" you know? So that means I need to get some nice new shoes that are comfortable, but nice looking too.

Moreover, I have also learned that it is much harder to work in a team than expected. I have been a solo performer for the last 6 years. Now it's all about colour coordination, learning choreographies and supporting each other.

I am very glad to have found my Afro Lidiettes !

A special thanks to our SuperFans , TETV for making sure that everything was filmed and Inspire Events to give us the opportunity to perform infront of an exciting audience, that wasn't too shy to participate.

Pics and vids are coming really soon.

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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Monday, 4 March 2013

Lidiaana releases "How Often"

Segenita Records 

is proud to present 

Lidiaana's latest Music Video

"How Often"

Enjoy x

special thanks go to

Music produced by Lidiaana and WaTa
Executive Producer: Sabina Benitez
Director and D.O.P (Tenerife, Spain): Hector Garcia
Director and D.O.P (London) : Petros Gilazgi (London) @ Petros Photography
Editing : Bruno Laborinho @ 2illusions
Location Manager - Vincenzo Loria
Lighting - Flavia D. O'Shanahan and Luli González
Photography: Jeff Moh

Extras: Samson Tesfaldet, Simon Arefe, Andre Atallah, Josh Cho - Yee, Petros Gilazgi
Behind the scenes Team : Rahwa Weldense and Claire .