Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Depression Music Video Shoot

The hottest Music Video Shoot,.... Ever!!!
I was in Eritrea and it was about 45 degrees hot!!!

I almost

The Video to my latest Single "Depression" is coming soon...and the "Behind the Scenes" Video is coming sooner...

Have a listen to the rough Demo...

...And please keep yourself updated on

Lots of Love ...Lidiaana


Big Fat Thank you to my team,...u were wonderfull!!

Music: Legitimo
Director: Tecle Woldu
Make Up: Tsahaynesh Kidane
Hair: Tsega

Dancer: Senait,Saba and Simret

Choreographer: Mussie
Actress (Baby): Yosan Kochob
Photographer: Samir Mohammed
Project Manager: Yonas

Executive Producer: Abrehet Berhane