Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Introducing Lidiaana and the Afro Lidiettes

Hi guys 

 I completely forgot to update you and most importantly to thank you on coming to the TETV Gig in December!

It was a great success - the artists on the night were off the hook and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Thank you for coming and supporting!

On the same night we launched "Lidiaana and the Afro Lidiettes". This was a really spontaneous process but a good one.

The same week I was so caught up with rehearsing, recording, doing a video shoot, shopping,...etc that I had no time to rehearse with my backing singers Chelsea @ChelseaPandaxo and Diamant @DiamantDreams - who are now The Afro Lidiettes.

These 2 ladies didn't actually meet until the day of the performance but we performed as if we had been a group for ages.

When Jeff Moh (amazing Photographer) asked if we had a name we were like "Ehh No"...and in the end someone suggested the Lidiaanettes, however in the end we agreed on The Afro Lidiettes!

The funny thing is that that week I was really desperate for Chelsea and Diamant to meet but in the end it turned out great.

The feedback from the people at the show was really positive so we've decided that The Afro Lidiettes will continue to perform together! So watch this space for more shows.

I'm so glad to have met two reliable creative people who are passionate about music and who have been my rocks through it all!

Thank you ladies!

Lidiaana's Freestyle in Toronto (Dundas Square)

For everyone who read my previous blogs about Toronto, they will know I had a great time there. 

On the day of my "Hater" video shoot, I was very excited. We had to rush from the MAC Make Up Store at the location of the shoot - Dundas Square. We were supposed to be there at 3pm I think but we ended up being late because I got confused with the street names!

Anyway, this experience and many other experiences in Toronto made me understand that time management is very important.
I was lucky to have had an amazing make up artist - the beautiful Milena Laizzo @blushandbows who was was so fast and efficient with her work. Bless her - I was totally rushing her.
My hair was done by the most talented hairdresser I have got to know so far  - Shemara Williams (at Wisdom Beauty Salon).

Here is the finished product ;-)

After that we literally ran to Dundas Square to start shooting the video. I guess it was one of the most spontaneous and chilled out shoots ever.

We - my team and myself, started networking with random people on the road, took pictures with fans and did a Freestyle with a really talented Beatboxer who went by the name of Max.

I love meeting new people, it just enriches my life so much and I loved how so many people stood by to watch while we were shooting. I believe  I have learned that when choosing to do a video in public, to make sure that you plan at least an extra 3 hours as you will be meeting people who are interested in what you are doing or who want to freestyle with you and that will take time...

Without further ado ...Tadaaaaaa!!!! ...The crazy Freestyle at Dundas Square.

Check it out and leave a friendly comment.

Much love,


Lidiaana wishes you a Happy New Year

Oh hello hello!!

It's been a while and I am very sorry to keep you waiting.

First of all - I am wishing you a  Happy New Year and lots of love.....yes, Love is important!

How did you spend your Christmas break? Did you celebrate at all? Did you eat more than you should have?

Well, I  spent Christmas day in Hospital !!!!

YES - I had the worst bronchitis you could imagine. It was terrible. I was so looking forward to spending 3 weeks together with my family and my close friends and I ended up in bed the whole time.

In a way I feel like I wasted my time as I didn't have the motivation to do my coursework or even to write any songs. The worst thing was that I gave the virus to my whole family!! Oh I felt bad.

So what did I do for 3 weeks and what have I learned from it?

First of all I tried to see this "time off" as something positive - time to think, relax and reflect - something I usually don't have time for. My life is so busy with coursework, performances, doing anything that has to do with my career as a musician, going out,  etc... that I don't have any TIME OFF. This is something that a lot of people tell me - "Girl you need to relax!".
I know I do - but I want to be successful and only hard work will get me there!! Well maybe I haven't learned to relax more often but I'm aware that I have to!

Second thing I have learned is too not over think things - #uffff

Please tell me, you know what I am talking about. Thinking about something only because you have the time for it. You know what - over thinking causes depression #ehee (African Voice)!!!
So - I knew I had to stop that s-it.

Third thing I  learned was to clean and organise myself from within. But also from without! It  helped to sort out my room in Germany (I can hear my mom saying "Amen"). It felt so good - also it helped me on the inside. It helped me to let go of bad thoughts and more importantly to let go of bad people.

One last thing I've learned - I know its new year and its when people think about their lives, but its important to reflect upon self-improvement any time. I did it -  and it felt good.

I guess time to think and reflect is important just so long as you don't sweat the small stuff.

Have a good week! x