Monday, 31 March 2014

Lidiaana at the Houses of Parliament

Hello and a warm welcome to you, I was saying in my previous blog entries, I have been super busy lately. One of the events I went to recently is to the  Commonwealth event, which was organised LCF and Bow Group and hosted by Deputy Secretary - General Ms Mmasekgoa Masire - Mwamba. This event took place at the Houses of Parliament, which made it even more exciting.

Here a bit of info about  Mmasekgoa Masire-Mwamba

 Mmasekgoa Masire-Mwamba, is a national of Botswana. She advises and reports to the Secretary General on Political Affairs, Human Rights, Youth Affairs, Legal and Constitutional Affairs. In her first 2 years at the Secretariat, she also  had additional responsibility over the Finance and Administration and Human Resources. She is periodically called upon to represent the Secretary General and the Commonwealth on international panels.
Previously she served as the Chief Executive Officer of Botswana's Investment Promotion Agency (BEDIA).  Under her leadership, the BEDIA achieved consistent growth and facilitated strategic investment projects. In the same period, she established representative offices, in Johannesburg and London. She started and launched the first ever Global Business Exhibition. Masire-Mwamba's interest and experience in economic development was nurtured throughout her prior experience in telecommunications development both in Botswana and in the UK. She holds a BSC in Electronics and Physics and an MBA. She has recently been appointed an Honorary Bencher at the Middle Temple Inn. She is also a Patron of the UK Rwanda Genocide Memorial Project.
Masire-Mwamba has served on several boards in the fields of tourism, business, civil aviation, and banking among others. She has had an active engagement in the areas of community life and social services.


I had a great time and I learned a bit more about the Commonwealth.

Much love xxxxx