Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Lidiaana Foundation

Last year I had the opportunity to create my own first charity, which is called "The Lidiaana Foundation".

There were loads of different reasons for launching this project, mainly because I was annoyed at the amount of charities that are out there who don't show where their donations are going - some big charities make a lot of money and profit from donations for the people running that actual company. How much of the money actually gets to the people who need it - you just don't know and there's no way of finding out.

For example did I find it confusing that about 10 people stand around in corners in London and promote a charity as 'fundraisers'. Wow!! Coming from a small town in Germany  I wasn't used to that at all and thought it was great. Well, when I was looking for a job myself in 2007 I got offered to do one of those jobs. Seriously when I found out that they get £10 an hour I was on it. 

At the same time I was confused, because I didn't understand how you would spend roughly £700 on a team when you are asking me for £2 a month for your charity. I understand that we all need to work in order to survive but seriously £10 an hour? It just didn't match up.
Anyways, I am generally someone who doesn't complain about things that do not involve me. Also I got another job anyway ....

So this fact inspired me to be a woman of her word and I created my charity.

I always loved helping and I love working with and around children. So I went Eritrea and I took a couple of stationary items such as pencils, pads, rubbers ... You know essential school stuff.

 There were various groups but in the end I decided that I didn't want to donate it all to people that I haven't seen. Don't get me wrong this is not because I wanted to be thanked for or adored or whatsoever, but I just wanted to honestly  give it to someone and see their reaction.

So I went to my home country and asked around who I could give the items to?

So in the end I decided on something spontaneous. So just after recording   Adey , I left the recording studio and felt so inspired. The hook of the song was still on my mind snd while I was walking to my grandfather's house I saw a crowd of children celebrating the independence day of Eritrea and playing games on the road.  Before entering my grand father's house I asked my cousin to get me my big bag which contained the stationary items I mentioned before. While she was getting it I asked the children who could sing ... All of them started suddenly screaming and said "Me! Me! Me!"

I then asked the children to sing my song Adey... It made me cry as they sang it with such a passion. 

Luckily my cousin was able to record the happening. That way I was able to feature them in my video Adey. 

To me their smiles were a reward enough and after that I was able to donate a percentage of my music sales income toward Rediate's Fund amongst others.

We can all help. We can do something great everyday so don't hesitate to do it!

Much love, Lidiaana

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Lidiaana's last show in London for 2012

Hey Guys,

Come and join me this sunday. 

Hope to see you there

much love,


Lidiaana and her creative Team (Riinret Jewellery / Rahwa Design)

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well. This blog is dedicated to the some of the creative professionals I've been working with this year. 

First off - Jewellery Designer Riinret. 
I met her at uni and instantly fell in love with her

She is so beautiful and talented. When I saw her Jewellery for the first time I was blown away by her designs and instantly asked her to design some pieces for my photo shoot 
I had scheduled for March 2012.

 I used to look at other artists and feel down on myself because other independent artists had unique fashions and I had no idea how I could get that for myself. What I didn't know until now is that that is what networking is for!

After that I decided to network and work with jewellery designers, clothes designers, stylist and anyone who could help me out with a new look for 2012. I could stop being envious - I had reached my goal! I feel that envy is a helpful thing in getting ahead in creative or professional areas because it lets you know what you really want deep down. If you are envious of someone that means you should stop feeling sorry for yourself and fight to get what you want for yourself. It's inspiration!

Working with a lot of personal shoppers and fashion designers has taught me a lot about fashion. I've been able to give direct advice at the design drawing stage of an outfit, I've been able to be a lot more imaginative and 'out there' with my fashion and look. I've developed a more progressive fashion sense and style through working in a practical hands on way with all these talented people. For example shopping around for pieces, going to fashion shows, viewing other people's fashion portfolios, seeing the full process of a fashion design from concept to finished product. These have really helped me and my skills as a fashionista!

While we're on the subject of fashion, for the styling for my latest release Hater (release Jan/Feb 2013) I went shopping in Toronto, Canada as well as London, UK. Tina was my stylist in Toronto. She tracked down and put together the outfit for the first half of the video shoot, which included a Dolly Parton jacket, and the second look for the  shoot - a warrior princess, gold spiked number - was styled by London designer Rahwa. She was incredibly creative and worked under pressure really well. Nothing distracts her from her passion for fashion!

Fan her up on Facebook - Rahwa Designs

Much love,

Lidiaana xxxx

How do You network??

Good Question...

Hmmm I guess my networking skills changed a lot over the years.

It went from dreaming about being a singer to real life studying music and production as a profession, then being an aspiring music Producer to

I am a singer


But seriously now...

How do you network in this overloaded world of so much creative clutter. There's someone releasing a track every day and it's hard to get through the mediocre and the rubbish to what you are really looking for. Real talent takes a lot of time and effort to track down.

Well I guess there is no right or wrong. It really depends on where you are, what events you go to, what people you talk to. I prefer receiving a contact card or flyer and checking it out at home in my own time. I find it stressful to meet too many people face to face. It's a lot of pressure and you don't always know if they're telling the truth.

We live in a world were social media has become such a norm. Networking is a must for survival in the creative and media industries. So the question is - what's the best way to keep in touch? What's the best way to network. Good question I'm still working this out.

I personally like to hand out flyers and cards. People can check me out in their own time and so people can see my picture and have a link to my site - then they can see what I'm really about. It cuts through a lot of having to act like someone else to get attention. I want to get ahead as an artist but I still like being myself!

Thank you

Much love,


Lidiaana at the Ultimate Seminar...Nov 2012

Hi everyone,

How is everything going? I hope it's all good.

Last week, was a very productive week for me.

I am currently working on this really amazing Business Plan.

I love my proposal ,...I really do ;-) and I hope that I will find enough Sponsors to help me make my dream come true.
So, I have been basically calling loads of different organisations, sending out emails etc,....well , together with my PR Representative Sarah Rayner . She is fabulous!!!

Anyways, so it's quite exciting to be thinking like a business person at times, rather than "only" being creative.

All right I will get to the point - THE ULTIMATE SEMINARRRRRR

How was it? It was very informative. I met new people, had the chance to listen to many peoples' experiences and got some great advice.

This was my third time at this unique Event, but this time it was different. I remember going there in 2010 and 2011 and I was like -

OMG I feel so inspired !!!!! /// There's so much I need to start doing from now on .... /// From today on I am going to change this and that etc.

But this time - I felt a bit more accomplished. I have learned a lot and I believe the advice from people such as Wretch32, Delilah, Tim Blacksmith was brilliant. Through university, experience and networking I have gotten to the point were I understand what Lawyers, Journalists, Artists, Managers on the Panel, were talking about.

I feel that I have done many of the things they were talking about e.g. release a video, collaborate, release a CD, tour...things that I could only have dreamed about only a few years back.

This made me feel very good and I was able to see that my standards have raised over the last years. I'm more confident in myself as an artist and the things that used to be future aims are  happening right now! It makes me very excited.

I am looking forward to the next Ultimate Seminar.

Much love,


Monday, 3 December 2012

Calling out all Fashion Designers!!! Lidiaana needs YOU!!!

I am planning to shoot my music video next week and I am in need of something really amazing.
The song we are going to do the video for is called HATER ..

Listen here - Hater

I want to look like Xena - like a Warrior Princess

(hehehe ...)

Simply cause it fits with the lyrics

I am not your enemy
I am your hero
If you believe it or not
that's how the world rolls

The first part of the video was done in Toronto - Probably the funniest Video shoot ever!!!
Here is a pic of me together with the Tribe Toronto

My outfit was put together by Tina @ Exile Toronto and the Jacket used to belong to Dolly Partons.

Anyways, ......If you're interested then send me a link to your designs asap.

Hope to hear from you soon

Contact me via Email

mwah xxxxx

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Lidiaana's EP "How Often" is out!!!! Free download !!!

.....TaaaaDaaaaa my EP IS OUT...Finally eh??

I hope you like it.
BTW it's available as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

Follow me ...@lidiaanamusic

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Lidiaana in Toronto - Part 2 (Yeah she met Drake)

Hey Guys,

Thanks for reading the second part of my Toronto blog - I hope you have read the first part.

You haven't ?here -->   Lidiaana in Toronto - Part 1

I knew it was time for a master plan!!! I had to see Drake and the rest of the crew.

The next day I called my other cousin Agazi, whom I haven't seen since we were babies (see pic below).

We were having a lil chat and then I mentioned that I was planning to go to the OVO Fest with no ticket. Surprisingly he said that he knows the Promoter of the VIP Party and that he could put me and my friends onto the list. WooooHooooo!

I felt great!! And I was almost sure that I would find a way to get inside the concert.
Do you know that feeling? I mean, I made it to Toronto - I met my super cousins and friends - the weather was sweet - I was just feeling so many positive vibes.

I was convinced that I would be able to get in and so were my cousins, which kinda helped.

Step 1: I went to the Artiste' Entrance and said "Hi" and went through ....Well the Security Man asked me who I was,....etc ...Anyways, ... they didn't let me in as I had no Artiste' Ticket with me, ...daaaah

Step 2: ....U don't wanna know

Step 3: ...

Step 4: ....There were a couple other attempts but trust me, you don't wanna know.
Besides, I gotta have some secrets - Otherwise you will copy me ;-)

Anyways, while my cousin and his friend were enjoying 2Chainz and the Weeknd, I was still outside the theatre hall trying to find a way to get in.

There were no more tickets and no more people and I was all alone.

All of a sudden  - I had this feeling - something told me to go through the main entrance and to try it that way.

I went in  - ........
...........then through security -.......
..................................... and then I saw this nice handsome young man.

He smiles and asks me for my ticket.

Ticket?????!!!!!!????? What??????

I smiled - no I laughed : Ha Ha Ha, (While I was thinking of what to answer)

I started looking for my ticket (as if i had one) ...then I put my large handbag onto the floor and I started taking everything out. The police officers who were standing on the side - smiled at me. I smiled back.

3-4 minutes later, I looked at the guy and said that I couldn't find it. I looked to my right and the police officers were gone - The guy then looked at me and said

"Hunny, just go through and enjoy the concert"!!

I was so happy --soooooo happy!!!

I saw Drake, the Weeknd, Rick Ross, Nicky Minaj, French Monatana, Snoop Lion, Waka Flocka,....etc ....FOR FREE!!!!

 Everybody was there - it was sooo good. I never expected all those Artists to be there.

Afterwards we went to the Aftershow party. It was too good and I made some contacts too.

So what have I learned??? Hmmm

YOLO!!!!! You only live once  - so do everything you wanna do (well not everything ;-)... ) But what I mean is, if you have a chance to do something crazy, then do it. I mean what have you got to lose?

I feel that my life has become far more fun, as I am not scared to take risks.

Make sure you read "Lidiaana in Toronto - Part 3" ....coming soom

much love,


PS: My EP is coming out this week


Monday, 26 November 2012

Lidiaana's Exclusive Single - Free Download!!


I hope you are all well.

Hope your weekend was good.

Mine has been brilliant and really busy. Went to the Ultimate Seminar, which was so informative, but I will tell you more about it in my next blog.

Anyways - I know what you want - the Exclusive Single FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

Haha - here it is ;-)

I hope you like it - ---- No!!! I hope you love it!!

My EP "How Often" will be coming 
out this week  - 
So spread the news my friends


mwah, Lidiaana

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Lidiaana at the Limelight Showcase

Thank you to everyone, who was able to come to my performance at the Elixir Bar.

Almost my whole Team (#TeamLidiaana) was there

Photographer/ Videographer ( Petros Photography )
Photographer (Jeff Moh)
PR Manager (N.E.M) (Sarah Rayner)
Website Designer (George Trickey)
Music Producer (WaTa)
Pianist (Andrea Mastroddi)

and loads of good friends ..

Here is the video

There are more pix here

Much love,


Gotye invites Lidiaana to his Concert in London

Yeah, sometimes I am lucky.
Not only did I get 2 free Tickets for J Dilla's Rebirth Launch Party , no I also got 2 free Tickets for Gotye's Concert at the Apollo.

I couldn't believe it myself.

I took my friend with me, but we both didn't expect too much. We got there nice and early - and then the shock! It was half empty or half full lol. Nevermind - that just put me really off and all of a sudden I felt tired. I went to a member of staff and asked them if I could sit upstairs. They were very friendly and agreed to that.
That's when I felt double special ;-)

Free Ticket + Seat = Happy Lidiaana

When Gotye came on stage, with his band, I was so confused. He ain't only a singer - He is everything and so passionate. He was a drummer, playing the sythesizer, MPC, singing,....he was doing it all.

...And his Band!!!! OMG !!! I have never seen a band that played this tight - seriously they were amazing.

Free Ticket + Seat + Amazing Gotye = gvnbhhkhjjfevbtlk

Definitely going to see him again, when he's back in London.


Lidiaana in Toronto - Part 1

Yeah, yeah, yeah ...I was in Toronto!
Omg - and it was absolutely amazing.

I am not sure where to start ..well...

...Till 2010 I was a really organised person and so NOT spontaneous. I would never do anything, unless it was properly planned. Well, that was the old me :-)

The NEW me crazy and To keep it short - I called up my cousin (Actor Samuel Mekonnen) to tell him that I am going to buy a ticket to visit him in Toronto. However, he couldn't answer the phone, as he was in St. Louis (USA) at that time - Well, I didn't really care I called up an old friend, who lives in Toronto too and told him that I am definitely coming and that I need a place to crash.
He said yes ;-) - ....and I bought the ticket 4 days before the actual flight date...spontaneous ,

I knew that I needed to do some shopping (Women always find a reason to go shopping haha), so I got myself a couple of warm jackets, sweatshirts, boots, know - All that winter stuff, cause I assumed that Canada is really cold.

Well, it was hotter than Fuerteventura (That's where I was the week before). At the Airport I met my old good friend Aharon, whom I haven't seen for 10 years. The minute we got out of the Airport, I thought that I was going to die - as it was too hot! 
I mean , it was really, really HOT!!

Why? Whyyyyy? Did I buy all that Winter stuff??? Why?

Dear Readers, this is to let you know, that Toronto is hot in the summer. Really Hot!
It was 42 degrees Celsius to be precise and very humid.

Please don't think that I went with no plan to Toronto - I knew that I was going to do 2 music videos, a couple of performances, to sell some of my eritrean CD Adey , networking with other Artists, meeting Family members, drive down to New York...etc I knew it would all happen at some point during my stay in Toronto, I just didn't know when and how.


An hour later, finally the Reunion. I met Sam, my cousin after 14 long years.

We laughed, cried, screamed - oh man, it was so good to see him. I had really missed him.

I had a jet leg, so I decided to go bed early, but before I went into my room  - Sam told me with a very exciting voice that he was going to go to the OVO.

This is what happened ...
Lidiaana: Eh what?
Sam: You know - October's very own?

Lidiaana: No, I don't know.
Sam: Drake, the Weeknd , everyone is going to be there. It's a concert Lidi.

Lidiaana: Oh wow - How amazing! Drake? -  like Marvin Room's Drake ahhhhh and The Weeknd -- Ufff man - I can't handle that. Wooohooo

 Lidiaana screams and is totally excited. She then asks Sam

Lidiaana: So, when are we going?
Sam: Well, I only got a ticket for myself and Matthew (his cousin)

...and I was like ..

There is more to come ...

.... Lidiaana in Toronto - Part 2 coming soon


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Lidiaana is going to ....J DILLA's: REBIRTH OF DETROIT TOUR ...yayyy

Even though I am really busy with my thesis at the moment - I believe, that I deserve a break!
...therefore I decided to go to :
J DILLA's: REBIRTH OF DETROIT TOUR Feat: Guilty Simpson, Frank Nitt & Phat Kat 
Celebrating June’s release of J-Dilla’s ‘Rebirth of Detroit’ executively produced by Dilla’s mother, Mrs. Maureen "MaDukes" Yancey, we have a line up of incredible Detroit talent hitting London for this one off show.
it's going to be held at the Jazz Cafe in Camden
More Info right here
Hope to see you tomorrow
Much love,

Sunday, 4 November 2012

"Lidiaana live in London" Video is out!!!

Thanks to everyone who helped me creating this show.
I hope you like the video

Following pix were taken by Petros Photography

Thanks for checking it out....much love

The Black Power Mixtape 1967 - 1975 ...have you watched it??

Thanks to my good friend Miss Sabina Beatz  , I was able to go to this amazing Event at the Paddington Arts Centre. At first I wasn't too sure, what kind of Event it was - I only knew that it had something to do with the Black History Month.

However once I got there I was so happy that I did go.

We watched a documentary about the Black Power Movement, which was absolutely fascinating.

The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975

A film by Göran Hugo Olsson

The Black Power Mixtape examines the evolution of the Black Power Movement in the black
community and Diaspora from 1967 to 1975. The film combines music, startling 16mm footage
(lying undiscovered in the cellar of Swedish Television for 30 years), and contemporary audio
interviews from leading African-American artists, activists, musicians and scholars. 

Including audio commentary by:
Erykah Badu
Harry Belafonte
Kathleen Cleaver
Angela Davis
John Forté
Robin Kelley
Talib Kweli
Abiodun Oyewole
Melvin Van Peebles
Sonia Sanchez
Bobby Seale
Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson


I'm totally recommending this documentary and if you are interested in buying a copy - then click here

Speak to you soon x

Much love,

Monday, 22 October 2012

Lidiaana is performing this Sunday (28th Oct) @ The Limelight Showcase @ Elixir Bar

         **********"The Limelight Showcase"**********

                                                          Shining a light on up and coming talent

Sunday 28th October 
Venue: Elixir Bar, Euston, 162 Eversholt Street, London, NW1 1BL
Time: 18.00 - 22.45

Your Hosts will be bringing you an evening of back to back quality up and coming artists. 
This months line up includes comedians, singers, some hip hop, and spoken word - 
both live music and our DJ keeping you in zone the whole evening through

An event for those looking on a correct way to end the weekend, in good company and some positive vibes

Dont be a lemon. Get yourself down & dont miss out

Tickets £6 
Guestlist £7

More on the door

Lidiaana xxxx

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Lidiaana - Adey - dedicated to my beautiful Mom

Hi there,

First of all ...Thank you for checking out my blog ;-)
To be quite honest - I find it really time consuming to write a blog - I prefer talking - LOL. I mean, everyone who knows me, knows how much I talk.

My mom always says: What is the difference between a radio and Lidiaana???!!!!!????

Answer: You can turn off the Radio!


I always felt so embarrassed when she said that - but now, I know she was always right. In fact my mom is always right !!!  If I could turn back time, I would probably be the perfect child :) . Nevermind - this blog is dedicated to my mom - cause I love her so much. She is beautiful, talented, loving ....and she can cooooook!!!

This is why I released my EP "ADEY" in 2011 .... as a thank you for everything she has done for me.

The Single "Adey" which means Mother (daaahh...) is about praising Mothers all over the world even though its sung in Tigrinya (Main language in Eritrea). This is usually the language I use, when speaking to my mom.

I hope you have a copy of the EP - or that you have downloaded the songs,...

Download here---->

...If not  - you have now the chance to download it.

Physical Copies are sold out!!!! Thanks to you!!! ;)

The Video to the single is here,....

Raimoq Award Winners Lidiaana, Arafa and Adem for the Single "Sawa" number #3 in Eritrea!!

Thank you so much for voting! You made it happen!

Thanks to you - my fellow colleagues Adem, Arafa, Super Producer Joel Ghidey and myself , have won the Raimoq Award.

As some of you may know,....I took a little break from London in 2011, to go to Germany and Eritrea.

This break was needed - I was able to spend a lot of time with my family and my wonderful mom was cooking for me every day. Apart from that I was able to meet loads of new people and I created new music too. In fact - during this break I decided to make Eritrean Music - which I haven't tried before.

Luckily, it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made - as this made me win the Raimoq Award :) and gain more Fans (woooohoooo!!!).

In case you haven't watched it - Here is the Video of "Sawa" !

...and again .....THANK YOU!!!!

Yesss...that's right...I am back!!!

Hey dear friends and fans ,

How are you all?? I am very well thanks ;)

Apologies for not writing a blog entry for over a year....

My excuse: I was sooo busy with Uni, work, recording my new EP "How Often", travelling (Eritrea, Germany, Toronto, Canary Islands,...) and enjoying life (check my upcoming blogs for more info) ....

From now on - I will try my very best to update you on my life.

Lidiaana xxx

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