Monday, 11 October 2010

Lidiaana’s Exclusive ‘Wake Up’ Single Launch Party

London's freshest sonic prodigy Lidiaana celebrates the 20/10/10 release of her emotive RnB/soul debut ‘Wake Up' with a line up of London's top hip hop and RnB talent including Iceberg Slimm and Lady Chann. The event will include ‘Wake Up' video screening premiere, free demos, live DJ, and a handpicked line-up of top artists:

Headliner Lidiaana will share the stage with rapper Lothario The Legend, DJ Carlos, pro-dancer and vocalist Mia Gyal and dance troupe Synthesis. Also dancehall queen Lady Chann, rappers Rugged and Uncle Mik, spoken word artist Comfort, duo vocalists Sweet SOuL, and proudly hosting UK Hip Hop phenomenon Iceberg Slimm

We hope you can join us for this exclusive one-off musical experience!

For guestlist enquiries and group discounts please contact or visit

No.Edit.Media. and Segenita Records present...Lidiaana

From exotic roots as an Eritrean gospel singer, Lidiaana embodies one of London's brightest new musical talents. Singer, songwriter and producer, and founder of independent label Segenita Records, Lidiaana is the real thing, demonstrating all the luminous passion, prowess and dedication of
a genuine artiste; living proof that women in music can do it all.

Lidiaana's sound is a mix of soul, RnB and African gospel; hip hop beats and house rhythms; buoyant melodic grooves and achingly emotive multi-lingual lyrics delivered in instantly captivating, expressive voice. ‘Wake Up,' inspired by Lidiaana's personal experience of love and bereavement, is a call to cherish each day with those close to you. The release precedes Lidiaana's 6-track session EP ‘The Depression Scene', set for release Spring 2011.

Doors 7pm, tickets £6 in advance, £8 on the door

You can purchase Ticket from TicketWeb.

Link below:


20 October · 19:00 - 23:30


83 Rivington Street, EC2A 3AY
London, United Kingdom

Artiste's Profiles:

Iceberg Slimm

Lothario The Legend

Lady Chann


Uncle Mik

DJ Carlos


Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Calling out all DJ's!!Produce a remix and get it released onto iTunes!!!

Eritrean Singer and Music Producer Lidiaana, is proud to announce her
Debut single ‘Wake Up' under Segenita Records.

Click on the link below to listen to the track.

Please send unmastered tracks until the 22nd of September to


Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Lidinikus Maximus - My Invention! My Instrument!

I know it´s been again a very very long time since I wrote a blog. You know at times you´re so busy being busy,...ha ha ha. Well anyways, a few months ago I had been given the challenge of creating an innovative performance for my uni module.

Many artists and inventors in the past, such as John Cage, Edward Varese and Leon Theremin have proved that being innovative and inventive can be very inspiring to other creative individuals, producing new creative movements, and new and different ideas can become popular with a mainstream audience.

I was given the challenge to create something innovative to eventually perform on stage with it. Through video examples that we had watched during the lessons I had seen that ideas for the final performance could range from using everyday items as instruments to using real instruments in a new and innovative way. I had so many ideas but I just didn’t know where to start, so I used search engines to find information on “innovative music performances,” but found that I needed to narrow my criteria. Therefore I used the university library to find books about music pioneers, innovative performers and related topics.
Again I found it very hard to find the perfect information to inspire my performance. I decided to continue brainstorming for a couple of weeks and eventually came up with the idea of playing a guitar with a violin bow. On further research (using ‘YouTube’) I realised that many other artists had used this idea and so it was not that innovative.

Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Ros are a major act who have used bows to play the electric guitar, to make a new and interesting sound effect. I then tried to think of all the things that I don’t want to do or that I won’t be able to do such as buying a guitar, working in a group, using electronic devices or destroying items on stage, which left me with the following idea:

I decided to design and invent my own, brand new instrument which I eventually called the “Lidinikus Maximus”. I added a twist to Sigur Ros’s example by creating an instrument that consisted of four different strings from four different instruments: viola, violin, cello and acoustic guitar, and then playing them with a violin bow.

First of all I needed to thoroughly research how to make the instrument, in order to decide how big I wanted it, which strings I was going to use, how to play the instrument and where to find the parts.

On presenting my rough idea to my tutor, he gave me more tips and suggested I go to “Hobgoblin” - a music shop in central London, where I could buy all the necessary items I needed. The staff at “Hobgoblin” were very helpful, and on hearing my plans, they showed me other instruments to demonstrate to me ways I could make the “Lidinikus Maximus”, and gave me many design ideas. They helped me with choosing the right strings, picking the right bow and suggested to go to “J.P Guiver”, another music shop to get the cello string and bridge. On this project I found out things about myself that I never knew – it was very interesting to start learning about things that I had never learnt before, and I was amazed at my ability to design and build a whole new instrument, then perform with it, in a very short space of time.

Once I had finished designing the “Lidinikus Maximus” I asked an aquaintance to build the body of the instrument out of wood as he has carpentry skills and a workshop. The instrument would be slightly bigger than a violin, based on the shape of a guitar or similar, quite lightweight – made out of light weight, smoothed wood – and with a cello bridge fixed to the middle.

I was very impressed by the look of the instrument, and I attached the strings and electronics (pick up) to the body, and a Christmas Bell to the bow to add another layer of sound to the instrument.

There were some problems attaching the strings to the instrument. My idea was to screw the strings in or similar but it just wasn’t working the way I had planned it. At some point I thought to leave the strings and perform a silent piece, similar to John Cage’s “4’ 33” but I tried my best to make it work.

After spending hours in “B&Q” trying to find the right screws, I decided to go to “Hobgoblin” for advice. Luckily Mike, one of the staff, gave me four second hand machine heads which I then attached to the instrument with screws.

Finally I was able to get a sound of the “Lidinikus Maximus”! The pick up on the bridge allowed the sound to be put through an amp as it wasn’t loud enough on its own. In order to play the “Lidinikus Maximus” I stood the instrument on my left knee and played it as I would a cello (see picture below):

While I was performing the pick up was plugged into the amp, and it sounded much better than I had expected.

I was quite happy that I was able to start practising my performance. The “Lidinikus Maximus” was very hard to tune but the different sounds and tones of each different string were an interesting and innovative mix. When performing I was almost in a trance, part improvising my performance and going with what felt right. What I love about the instrument is that it is unique, and made a very emotional and expressive sound that I didn’t expect! In addition the Christmas bell was always ringing while I was moving the bow which added to the sound, and as well as playing with the bow, I plucked the strings of the “Lidinikus Maximus” to give a pizzicato effect which added more texture and variation to the performance.

I believe the performance was very atmospheric, particularly with the lighting, and the slow tempo of my playing, and I am proud to have built my own instrument, as it is something I would never have thought I could do.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Pix from my Videoshoot ++++++Lidiaana - Wake Up

My Music Video will be out the meantime check out the Pix

Special Thanks to.....

Andrea Walker - Director
Bruno Laborinho - Director of Photography
Alexandra Stefanczyk - Make-Up Artist/Extra
Alexander Hinnerskov - Set Designer
Sean Burnett - Actor
Olidia Hoilette - Extra
Reniece Thomas - Extra
Aude Vieudrin - Extra
Nicola Thompson-Quartey - Extra
Wai-Yip Chan - Extra
Rubina Aziz - Extra
Sarah Rayner - Extra
Dan Helgi i Gong - Extra
Lisa Timofeeva - Extra
Julia Barysheva - Extra

If you need any reliable people on your music projets e.g. Music Videos, Recording Sessions,..etc then let me know and I will send you the right people.

Stay Blessed!!!

much love..........and thanks for checking out my blog.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

No.Edit.Media. presents Lidiaana

Lidiaana is proud to announce
her debut CD/download releases

Single “Wake Up” 4th Ooctober 2010 under Segenita Records

From exotic roots as an Eritrean gospel singer, Lidiaana embodies one of London's brightest new musical talents. Singer, songwriter and producer, Lidiaana is the real thing, showing all the passion, prowess and dedication of a genuine artiste; living proof that women in music can do it all.
Lidiaana started the musical ball rolling from a tender age, relocating from Germany to London in 2006 to kick start her career. Despite reaching sophisticated heights in the world of fashion modelling in the Capital, Lidiaana finds her soul in music.

An artist unconfined by genre, Lidiaana has worked as a session musician in a range of styles, toured venues across Germany and London, including the acclaimed Royal Festival Hall, and performed alongside the likes of Naturally 7, German Hip Hop set-up Les Sans Mono, and London’s Philharmonic Orchestra. Lidiaana’s sound is a mix of RnB soul and African gospel, hip hop beats and house rhythms, achingly emotive multi-lingual lyrics and buoyant melodic grooves: and those captivatingly expressive vocals that tie it all together.

Having featured on talent compilation “Input:Output: London's Freshest up and coming Music Producers,” Lidiaana is proud to announce her independent debut releases under Segenita Records (Niecey-Soul, Lothario The Legend, Mia Gyal). 

Debut single ‘Wake Up'is inspired by Lidiaana’s personal experience of love and bereavement, a call to cherish each and every day with those close to you.

Also set for release is 6-track session EP ‘The Depression Scene’, inspired by Lidiaana’s own experience of the condition, and an aural expression of her desire to help remove the social stigma behind mental illnesses such as depression.

Lidiaana is available for interviews, and promotional demos are available on request.
For more info visit or contact No.Edit.Media.

All press enquiries to ‘Sarah’ at
No.Edit.Media. Press & PR
07971 336 913
Visit us at

Friday, 21 May 2010

++++Lidiaana's Videoshoot!!! Debut Single "Wake Up"!!!Get involved!!!++++

Hey guys,

I am releasing my debut single “Wake Up” ....
Come and get involved in the video shoot.

Are you

1. ..passionate and enthusiastic and want to feature in the Video???

2. ..a hard working make up artist, hairstylist, blogger, fashion designer or Photographer???

3. …or a DJ who can produce a remix of “Wake Up”?? (to be released on iTunes)

If you are interested drop me an e- mail and I will provide you with all necessary information.

Thanks, xxxx



Director: Andrea Walker

Record Label: Segenita Records

Artist: Lidiaana

Video Shoot: 5th and 6th June

Location: North West London

Friday, 22 January 2010

'Performance and Style' Freshers Festival 2009!!!!...The Pix..!!!

OMG...what I saw on that stage was pure talent ....AND U'VE MISSED IT...
No, really I enjoyed myself so much. Eleven bands performed on 2 nights and they were all wicked.

Lidiaana xxx

PS: By the way, my group "Kreative Kaos" aka "The Power Rangers (lol)"won the award for Best Styling. xxx