Monday, 1 September 2014

Lidiaana - 'Do You' Music Video is OUT!!!!!!

Hi guys,

I am sooo happy. This whole week has been so fantastic. Went to so many events and met many new

I have also released my new Music Video 'Do You' last week and I wanted to say thank you to my
amazing team. I am seriously so lucky when it comes to getting a project done, cause everyone on board was a 100% committed and added positive vibes to the video.

Here is the video

And here is are the credits! ... thank you!!!!!

Music video by Lidiaana featuring Helgi and Herda Vim performing Do You. 

© 2013/2014 Segenita Records.
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Music produced by Lidiaana and WaTa
Lyrics by S. Ghebrehiwot and André Anthony
Mix & Master: WaTa
Additional Vocals: Ekeisha Edet and WaTa
Executive Producer: S. Ghebrehiwot
Editor: Sophie Thompson
Photography: Antoine Lassalle
Stylist: Nikita Raval @nikz4ya

Husband: Khalid Al-Amin Al-Meda
Injera T-Shirt by Hanit's Clothing
Paintings by

Crew 1 (Wedding/Bricklane)
Director and D.O.P: Petros Gilazgi @ Petros Photography
Assistant director: Olivier Bamanya
Project Manager: Damali Taylor @tiphanydt
Make Up (Wedding): Shukry Aden
Make up (Bricklane): Suzanne Boakye @suzanneboakye

Crew 2:
Director: Akaa Fele
DOP: Tim Peacock
Make Up: Jordan Siddall @jdvonvoxen

James Skipper Barnaby (Pastor)
Chris Thurston
Nick Chopralot
Gianluca Carotenuto
Mona Hassan
Betty, Rediate and Nuhamin Gebremedhin
Aster Haile
Aden, Sabrina and Senay Kahssay
Sheweet Kidan
Mickey Tzehaie
Diamant Ballou
Ekeisha Edet
Amy Jackson
Sewit Tekle
Sarah Maass
Armad Halden
Ivan Martinez
El Campeon

and here the behind the scenes Pix that were taken by the amazing Antoine Lassalle

Screen shots below

Thank you x

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